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The rise of the Jeep Gladiator

Published Date: 26-11-2020, Author: HASCAR Internasional Motor
The Rise of the Jeep Gladiator
When it comes to jeep history, some might be oblivious of how such a great vehicle was created. Out of the...
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How to Read Tire Codes

Published Date: 15-09-2020, Author: HASCAR Internasional Motor
Your car tires simultaneously affect your driving safety. Here’s why you need to grasp the whole character of your tire. It can only make sense if you understand how to...
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What Is the Best Water for the Radiator?

Published Date: 03-09-2020, Author: HASCAR Internasional Motor
In an emergency, people suggest using the best water for the radiator to fill in the radiator and avoid overheating. Is it a proper solution?
When you buy a...
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How to take care of a rarely used car

Published Date: 14-08-2020, Author: HASCAR Internasional Motor
A car that has not been used for a long time requires extra attention so that the engine can still work perfectly. For those of you who during this pandemic...
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Shaking Car While Filling Petrol? Does it help?

Published Date: 10-08-2020, Author: HASCAR Internasional Motor
Have you seen a person in the filling station shaking his car during the process? Many people see this as a silly thing to do and recommend others not to...
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